Promotions from 1 July, 2019

by CLW Family Lawyers | Last Updated: Sep 26, 2019 | Divorce & Separation

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We congratulate our staff who have been promoted.


Ashleigh Moran commenced with us at Clinch Long Woodbridge in November 2016 from Argyle Lawyers, and established herself as a very capable member of the family law team. She has cemented herself in the Court community with impressive success in a number of significant property Hearings and has worked closely with many of our Barristers. Ashleigh is a member of the NSW Young Family Law Committee. She is dedicated to resolving disputes outside of Court and is a warm, friendly and determined lawyer. Her promotion to Senior Associate early in her career shows her talent.


Annette Turner joined Clinch Long Woodbridge in December 2016, and quickly became a fantastic asset to our team. Prior to joining the firm, Annette worked for over 25 years as an Associate to a Judge in the Family Court of Australia. This provided Annette a wealth of experience in dealing with the broad range of family law issues as well as thorough knowledge of Court rules, processes and procedures, how to conduct family law cases and to resolve family law disputes as effectively and efficiently as possible. Annette’s calm demeanour and emotional sensitivity enables her to connect with our clients and ensure them that their case lies in the very best of hands.


Luke Meehan has been a long term employee of Clinch Long Woodbridge, commencing with us as a dedicated paralegal in the family law team, he has devoted many hours to both studying and assisting in large pool matters with great application. He has completed his studies at University and The College of Law practical admission course and we now welcome him to our team as a graduate lawyer after his journey over the last 3 years. He is a welcome addition to our Court team.

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