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Am I in a de facto relationship?

Am I in a de facto relationship?

A question we frequently get asked by clients is whether or not they are in a de facto relationship.  Unlike a marriage, which has a formal piece of paper that identifies that the parties were married on a particular day, it is rare that there is any formal document recording the "terms" of the parties’ de facto relationship or indeed if they are even in a de facto relationship.
Parenting laws in same-sex relationships

Parenting laws in same-sex relationships

In 2008, the law was changed to give people in same-sex relationships the same rights and responsibilities as people in heterosexual relationships. The Family Court has greater powers, including recognising parents of children born through artificial conception procedures (“ACP”), non commercial surrogacy arrangements and children adopted by same-sex couples.
How long before a relationship is de facto?

How long before a relationship is de facto?

Since 1 March 2009 de facto couples across Australia have had substantially the same rights and liabilities as married couples in relation to financial and property settlements. Once a relationship becomes a de facto relationship, a Federal Court has the power to adjust the financial and property interests of the parties following separation.

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